ASCRS has come and gone and once again we were there to absorb the latest topics, showcase our own particular knowledge and meet old friends and make new ones. We had a great time. In our pre-ASCRS podcast the team made some predictions on what the big topics would be, and for the most part, we were fairly accurate. There were, however, one or two items that were discussed that took us a bit by surprise. Listen along as Darryl Quinlan, Spenser Pontbriand and Hannah Whitten give their thoughts on the show and our very successful co-sponsored event with Google.

At Glacial Multimedia we get a bit ramped up about attending a few industry specific conferences. One of the largest conferences we look forward to attending is the yearly American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. We’ve been showcasing our knowledge and talent there almost since the formation of Glacial as a company and we truly look forward to it every year. Listen along as Darryl Quinlan, Hannah Whitten, Spenser Pontbriand and Michelle Pelletier (of MDprospects fame) discuss what they are looking forward to at this year’s conference and try to predict what the big topics of discussion will be this. We’ll be doing a post-ASCRS podcast as well to see how accurate they were with their predictions. One of the bigger topics in this podcast is the Glacial Multimedia and Google co-sponsored event. Sign up to attend by clicking here, we’d love to see you there.

Facebook live. You’ve probably heard of it, but what is it, and how can it help your business? Devin Gore and Matt Fernandez chat with Darryl Quinlan and break down Facebook Live’s slightly sorted history, why it’s important for a medical practice to explore it, and what we’ve discovered on how to best utilize it. Listen in and learn!

Marketers often find themselves involved in interesting conversations. One of those conversations is when we have to tell our clients that an idea might not be the best idea and we might need to revisit that idea. Hannah Whitten, Michael Dobkowski and Darryl Quinlan once again welcome Sam Surprise of Surprise Advertising to chat with us about those conversations and why a “no” is an essential part of marketing.

Hannah Whitten, Lauren Garrard and Bethany Powers sit down with Darryl to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: budgets. Knowing what to spend in the digital realm can be confusing and at times overwhelming. We break down how we work with practices all over the country to best utilize their budget, prioritize goals and determine where their money is best spent.

At Glacial Multimedia we take our partnerships pretty seriously. We are amazingly proud of our ongoing partnership with MDprospects. In this podcast, Darryl Quinlan and Spenser Pontbriand sit down with Onur Birsen, CTO, and Michelle Pelletier, Chief Product Manager of MDprospects. You’ll learn the history of MDprospects but more importantly, they break down how MDprosects works and the multiple problems this fantastic software can solve.

It can be downright chilly at times in the world of leads. Michelle Pelletier and Spenser Pontbriand discuss with Darryl Quinlan how to keep the leads you have warm and friendly. The decision-making process in the medical realm can be rather lengthy, in some cases years, before someone might move forward.  It is hugely important to keep in contact with your leads, but you don’t want to come across as pushy or possibly even like a salesperson. Listen in as Michelle and Spenser discuss the necessary tools and strategies to keep those leads warm.

Devin Gore and Spencer Pontbriand chat with Darryl Quinlan about the importance of landing pages in relation to marketing efforts. Landing pages are a key component to transition someone from general interest to a lead. We’ve discovered what works very well in this area and we break down what your landing page should be and why you should have one.

Spenser Pontbriand, Michael Dobkowski and Darryl Quinlan chat with special guest Troy Cole about how to effectively convert your digital leads.  Practices spend thousands of dollars to generate interest and get people to investigate them. Often, however, the conversation of those leads fails at a practice level. Listen in as these gentlemen provide some guidance on how to improve the conversion process.