The old adage of “You Need To Spend Money To Make Money” is never truer than with paid advertising.  Spencer Pontbriand and Matt Fernandez chat with Darryl Quinlan about how paid advertising actually works, dispelling many of the myths that surround this misunderstood tool. Along the way, they demonstrate how effective Paid Advertising can be and just how good Glacial has become at spending our clients’ money. Here’s a hint – we’re a Google Premier Partner.

Simply typing something into Google seemingly brings magical results for us to explore. Spencer Pontbriand, Andy Hercock and Matt Fernandez sit down with Darryl Quinlan to explain the various aspects of what is actually displayed after you type something into Google. Listen along as you just might be surprised by what you learn.

SEO, SEO, SEO. Everyone seems to have an understanding of what it is, well, kinda. SEO is quite often misunderstood and so Glacial Multimedia pulled their SEO team together to help break down what SEO really is, how it works (at least as of the publication of the podcast) and how we adapt to the ongoing shifts and changes that SEO morphs through. Listen along as Andy Hercock, Ilias Ben Malik and CEO Mike Dobkowski walk through the minefield that is SEO.