Devin Gore and Spencer Pontbriand chat with Darryl Quinlan about the importance of landing pages in relation to marketing efforts. Landing pages are a key component to transition someone from general interest to a lead. We’ve discovered what works very well in this area and we break down what your landing page should be and why you should have one.

Spenser Pontbriand, Michael Dobkowski and Darryl Quinlan chat with special guest Troy Cole about how to effectively convert your digital leads.  Practices spend thousands of dollars to generate interest and get people to investigate them. Often, however, the conversation of those leads fails at a practice level. Listen in as these gentlemen provide some guidance on how to improve the conversion process.

Another special guest! Carrie Link of Eye Associates of Tallahassee lends her expert insight on why it is hugely important to respond to reviews and engage with the folks that leave feedback. She gives two specific examples to Darryl Quinlan and Hannah Whitten on why this is necessary and how well it can work.

Glacial is constantly adapting and changing. The digital market realm is ever evolving and we strive to find the best and most effective tools, procedures, and methods for our clients. 2016 was a whopper of a year as far as new digital marketing techniques and trends. From Geofencing to HIPPA compliancy, we’ve monitored it all and thought it might be good idea to share with you some of the larger areas we’re going to be focused on in 2017. This is of course not everything we’re focused on, simply some of the areas we thought you’d like to know about. Listen in as Darryl Quinlan, Michelle Pelletier, Angie Grosso, Spencer Pontbriand and a special surprise guest walk through our big ticket item focus for 2017.

Your practice might be swimming in leads, but if you’re not converting them into patients you are missing a significant revenue pool. Karen Dobkowski, Michael Dobkowski and Darryl Quinlan chat with Holly Venutos of Clear Advantage Vision Correction Center and EyeSight Ophthalmic Services on how to be effective at converting your leads into patients. Holly is one of the best in the business and she brings brilliant insights into how to be effective in this very tricky area.

Hannah Whitten, Karen Dobkowski and Devin Gore chat with Darryl Quinlan about Engagement Objects. What are they? How useful can they be? What are the best types of call outs to use? Too many can be a cluttered mess, too few and you’re not gaining those all important leads. Engagement objects are a hugely important part of a website and are often underutilized. Glacial Multimedia has developed some brilliant ways for your patients (and potential patients) to engage with you. Listen in and learn which may be right for your practice.

Glacial Multimedia is well known for our brilliant custom websites so we thought it might be a good idea for everyone to get to know the folks behind the scenes. In our first ever two-part podcast, Darrel Grosvalet, Dan Eastwood and Angie Grosso walk Darryl Quinlan through the process of designing and building a custom site and the great degree of interaction that they have with our clients throughout this process.  If you’re considering building a new website for your practice this is a great way to learn about what is needed and the overall process.

Blogging is a tricky beast. It’s important on many levels but blogging can also have a negative impact when done without purpose. Darryl Quinlan chats with Lacey Borders, Andy Hercock and Bethany Powers about blogging for SEO and branding and the do’s and don’ts of impactful content.

Glacial Multimedia’s CEO Michael Dobkowski sits down with Dr. Anish Kapur to discuss iMedicware, it’s history and why this wonderful robust EMR chose to focus on the world of Ophthalmology. They get down right technical in the ins and outs of the software and fully explore the need for a comprehensive EMR in eye care.