SMILE is a new, minimally invasive form of laser eye surgery that rivals LASIK and PRK. Using the ultra-precise VisionMax laser, SMILE results in a more comfortable patient experience and fewer complications than other forms of laser vision correction. Join Michael Dobkowski, CEO of Glacial Multimedia, Inc., Dr. Rex Hamilton of Santa Monica Eye Group, and Paul Rousseau, Senior Director of Refractive Surgery at Zeiss, as they discuss the benefits of the SMILE procedure and its impact on the future of refractive surgery.

If your practice struggles to follow-up with web leads, you may be missing out on significant revenue. Capture, an innovative new program from Opticall, makes it fast and easy for practice staff to personally follow-up with online leads. Join Michael Dobkowski from Glacial Multimedia, Inc., Bill Murcier and Dylan Kemna from Opticall, and Patrice Seltzer from Patient Spectrum and MDProspects, as they discuss the impact of personalized communication on patient conversion.

You’ve heard it before – content is king, blah, blah, blah. But why is content marketing important? How can you engage your audience without boring them to tears? What can you do to start implementing a content marketing strategy today?

Join us as we answer these questions and more in today’s episode of the Glacial Multimedia Podcast. Featuring Michael Dobkowski, CEO of Glacial Multimedia, Sarah Gelber, Client Account Manager, Andy Hercock, SEO Specialist, and Anna Flemke, Content Marketing Specialist.

Is your practice “likeable” online? Listen along as Matt Fernandez, Sarah Gelber, Bethany Powers, and Lucia Magno (of MDidentity) discuss methods to make your practice stand out to the community and become more likeable! From ways to build up community engagement, advice on building ‘likes’ to your social media, to managing your online reputation through reviews, we explore this very important component of gaining and retaining patients for your practice.

Congratulations! You’re building a new website! We get a lot of questions about what happens when we launch our new designs. Does the practice need to be highly involved? Will my rankings change when I launch a new site? Does my site ‘go down’ during this time period?

In this podcast, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about launching your new site, with insights coming from multiple departments here at Glacial Multimedia. Listen along with Anthony Marvin, Andy Hercock, Callie Walker, and Bethany Powers as we discuss our recent website designs and what happens when it’s time to launch them.

ASCRS has come and gone and once again we were there to absorb the latest topics, showcase our own particular knowledge and meet old friends and make new ones. We had a great time. In our pre-ASCRS podcast the team made some predictions on what the big topics would be, and for the most part, we were fairly accurate. There were, however, one or two items that were discussed that took us a bit by surprise. Listen along as Darryl Quinlan, Spenser Pontbriand and Hannah Whitten give their thoughts on the show and our very successful co-sponsored event with Google.

At Glacial Multimedia we get a bit ramped up about attending a few industry specific conferences. One of the largest conferences we look forward to attending is the yearly American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. We’ve been showcasing our knowledge and talent there almost since the formation of Glacial as a company and we truly look forward to it every year. Listen along as Darryl Quinlan, Hannah Whitten, Spenser Pontbriand and Michelle Pelletier (of MDprospects fame) discuss what they are looking forward to at this year’s conference and try to predict what the big topics of discussion will be this. We’ll be doing a post-ASCRS podcast as well to see how accurate they were with their predictions. One of the bigger topics in this podcast is the Glacial Multimedia and Google co-sponsored event. Sign up to attend by clicking here, we’d love to see you there.